Our Pulse

20 June 2016

Concrete Petrography Spans the Globe!




We were thrilled when the preeminent Russian Journal Cement invited David to publish a paper on concrete petrography. Troubleshooting Concrete Construction with Petrography and Other Lab Tests is a distillation of the seminar David gave at the 2015 World of Concrete expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. Naturally we are always excited to share our perspective on petrographic analysis of concrete and other materials and to discuss the role of the concrete petrographer in helping engineers troubleshoot construction issues. We honestly did not anticipate the incredible quality of the graphics and production of our paper by the staff at Cement (obviously, we aren’t able to comment on their translation skills but we’ve had the paper appraised by a native speaker and are assured they did a nice job). Many thanks to Raya Burshtein and her staff for making this such a beautiful production. At DRP we strive to provide our clients well-documented and lavishly illustrated reports to document our findings and observations and firmly adhere to the old adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words…”. However, we are often frustrated in trying to find an effective format to publish this work outside of out technical reports. This journal definitely exceeded our wildest production hopes.

On another note, see that this journal also includes a paper by Michael Schuller, P.E., of Atkinson-Noland Associates, Inc. on Preventing and Handling Masonry Efflorescence. ANA are valued clients and best of all located less than ⅛ mile from DRP here in Boulder. How likely is it such a prestigious journal would feature contributions from not one but two firms based in Boulder!

For those interested in the journal Cement, check them out here: http://jcement.ru

FYI last year at WOC 2016 we focused our seminar on durability and got great reviews. This year we will be at WOC 2017 to give a seminar focused on petrography and early age behavior. Stay tuned for more details.