Our Pulse

01 October 2014

DRP @ ACI Fall 2014 Convention

We’re excited to be signed up and ready to go for attending the American Concrete Institute (ACI) Fall Convention in Washington, D.C. Held from October 26-30, 2014, this should be a great convention in an amazing city. Click here to get information about the convention at the ACI web site.

David Rothstein is a member and Fellow of ACI. We are big supporters of this incredible organization for many different reasons. One of them is the opportunity to participate in the technical committees. David is a voting member of committees on Durability (201), Aggregates (221), Materials Science (236) and Plastering (524). For anyone interested in learning about different aspects of concrete construction and for those who think they know it all and want to convince others of the same, go to a convention and join a committee. Other key events at the convention include technical sessions on the latest developments in concrete technology and various special sessions and events.

David is also an active participant and DRP is a corporate sponsor of our local ACI chapter, or the Rocky Mountain chapter. Click here to learn more about our chapter. In just about one year, the Rocky Mountain chapter will host the national convention with the theme “Constructability”. Don’t miss it…

Involvement at the local chapter level is really rewarding as it provides an opportunity to see and hear about things going on in our industry that are close to home. Please join your local chapter and support its endeavors by attending events whenever possible.