Our Pulse

21 July 2021

Concrete Durability: Scaling


Scaling issues bring the intersection of material properties, workmanship, design, and maintenance practices to the fore. DRP has unparalleled experience and knowledge of scaling mechanisms, with staff members actively engaged in the formulation of recent ACI and AASHTO guides on salts and concrete deterioration. With state-of-the-art methodologies such as image analysis and fluorescence microscopy, we determine if the concrete in place is consistent with job specifications, if finishing and curing practices are sound, if there is poor drainage, and if deicing salts are a significant factor. Some of the tests we use at DRP for scaling issues include:

  • Air Voids ASTM C457
  • Petrography ASTM C856
  • SEM/EDS ASTM C1723
  • Chloride ASTM C1152/C1218
  • Resistivity ASTM C1876

DRP is at the forefront of evaluating scaling issues. Contact us today for more information.