DRP uses fluorescent microscopy to highlight key aspects of concrete in both reflected and transmitted light. We use epoxy with fluorescent dye to stabilize fragile and damaged samples, which allows us to observe and document cracks and microcracks on polished slabs with great resolution. We produce fluorescent thin sections to the highest standards that allow us to measure the w/cm of hardened cementitious materials.

The Pelcon Automatic Thin Section machine consistently produces high-quality fluorescent thin sections

Fluorescent thin sections highlight differences in the capillary porosity of the paste, air voids and aggregate particles.

With fluorescence microscopy we use systematic variations in the green tone of the cement paste to measure the w/cm of hardened cementitious materials.

Fluorescent epoxy isn’t just for thin sections and the paste. Here we use it on a polished slab to highlight cracks and microcracks from ASR in an airfield pavement.

Fluorescent epoxy filling cracks from freeze-thaw damage in a PT slab from a parking structure.

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