Condition Surveys

Our background in geological field work, which hinges on the compass, offers a seamless translation to investigating concrete in the field. DRP has extensive experience looking at flooring failures, stucco failures, excessive cracking and a host of durability mechanisms in the field. This capability enhances the development of sound sampling plans and contributes key observations that help link findings under the microscope to performance in the field.

Photograph of a seamless resilient floor in a medical facility that experienced blistering. The metallic object in the upper left is a screwdriver for scale. The dark liquid in the middle of the blister was analyzed by ICP and found to be rich in alkalis and silica.

Photograph of an airfield pavement where map cracking and exudations were observed along one pour strip and the adjacent strip showed no evidence of such distress.

We have extensive experience in working with plaster, stucco and cement-based construction materials other than concrete. This photograph shows an example of extensive blistering and peeling on a stucco home in the southwestern US.

Design matters and soils can be mean. Photograph of major cracking in a post-tensioned residential slab.

Photograph of the stemwall of a residential foundation in the southwestern US. The white material was analyzed petrographically and found to consist primarily of thenardite, or anhydrous sodium sulfate.

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