DRP houses sophisticated facilities for optical and electron microscopy. This is an EDS phase map of a concrete sea wall subjected to marine water attack and alkali-silica reaction.

DRP is an industry leader in using innovative methods to solve problems. We routinely use fluorescence microscopy and image analysis to characterize the microstructure of cementitious materials.

Images like this show how concrete petrography remains the gold standard in the recognition of alkali silica reaction in concrete.

Petrography is a fundamental aspect of investigating deterioration from durability mechanisms such as alkali-silica reaction.

DRP has the expertise and experience to use fluorescent microscopy thin sections to measure the w/cm of hardened concrete per NT Build 361.

Backscatter electron image of beautiful crystal of Freidel's Salt in 50+ year old concrete. Images like this make the SEM central to concrete petrography.

Pictures really are worth thousands of words. The scanning electron microscope reveals secondary deposits in striking detail.

DRP uses ASTM C457 Method C (Enhanced Contrast Method) to extract quantitative information about air void systems in hardened concrete

Raw materials are crucial. Fly ash under the electron beam...

Maybe the problem is with something besides the materials. An example of happy concrete...

The most important aspect of petrography is understanding how it relates to the performance of the larger structure.

Petrographic & Materials Investigations

Located in Boulder, Colorado, we use concrete petrography and other analytical methods to investigate concrete and other cement-based construction materials, natural rock products, and geological resources. With straightforward thinking, meticulous detail and impeccable customer service, we provide our clients the information they need to understand the performance of construction materials.


Our roots in geology run deep and optical microscopes serve as the cornerstone of our practice. See how we shed light on understanding the nature of construction materials.


Electron microscopy offers the ability to obtain higher magnification, superior resolution, and in situ microanalysis. See how we can unlock the details of your materials’ microstructure.


Thorough documentation and concise communication are essential. See more about the areas of DRP’s expertise and our proven track record of effective consultation.

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