DRP investigates a wide range of durability issues including:

We not only document the occurrence of deterioration, but assess the extent of the mechanism so we can help our clients determine how the mechanism impacts performance and what is needed to remediate the deterioration.

EDS map of concrete from a sea wall undergoing a combination of alkali-silica reaction and marine water attack. The areas shown in purple, light pink and yellow represent ASR gel, the blue areas represent brucite and the reddish brown areas represent hydrotalcite.

Photograph of crow’s foot crack pattern on the outer surface of a concrete foundation that froze while fresh.

Backscatter electron micrograph of crystal of Friedel’s salt on a fracture surface from 50+ year old culvert.

Reflected light photomicrograph of deposits of thenardite (anhydrous sodium sulfate) near the outer end of a core extracted from a foundation subjected to chemical sulfate attack.

Reflected light photomicrograph of struvite (MgNH4PO4 • 6 H2O) crystals from a fracture surface in a core from a wastewater treatment facility.

Cross-polarized transmitted light photomicrograph of microcracks filled with thaumasite (red arrows) and gypsum (green arrows) in concrete that was damaged from chemical sulfate attack.

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