Our Pulse

15 March 2015

Concrete Petrography @ WOC 2015

This year marked the return of DRP Consulting to the World of Concrete (WOC). And it was a good year to do so. WOC 2015 was the largest in the past six years, with more than 55,000 registered attendees. David Rothstein presented at two educational seminars. The first seminar was a 90 minute presentation that focused on the nuts and bolts of concrete petrography, describing the different microscopes and instruments concrete petrographers use and the type of information each one can provide. The second seminar was co-taught with Kim Basham, Ph.D., P.E., FACI of KB Engineering, LLC in Cheyenne, Wyoming (www.kbengllc.com). This seminar focused on how engineers and concrete petrographers can work together to troubleshoot problems with slabs. Both seminars were well attended and had great participation from the audience. To those of you who attended, many thanks.

Many thanks to the great staff at WOC for all of their help and support. This crew, led by Bonnie King, makes life easy for presenters, coordinating our travel, lodging, etc. and for making the education program run smoothly and on time…