Our Pulse

30 September 2014

DRP @ WOC 2015

We’re excited to be on the slate of presenters for educational seminars at the biggest concrete show of the year, World of Concrete 2015. The event will be held from February 2-6, 2015 at the Las Vegas Convention center. The WOC has more than 600,000 square feet of exhibit space and more than 1,100 exhibitors. There is lots to interest anyone involved in concrete and masonry construction, from producers and suppliers to contractors to designers and more. Most relevant to us, the WOC is known internationally for providing a world class education program. Click here to find out more about WOC.

David Rothstein will teach two sessions at the 2015 WOC Education Program. The first is titled “Troubleshooting Concrete Construction with Petrography and other Lab Tests”. This session will outline the basics of concrete petrography and other laboratory test methods. The goal is to provide information that will allow contractors, suppliers, engineers and architects to use these tests most effectively to investigate construction problems and remediate them. David Rothstein presented this seminar in 2008 and 2009 and is excited to return with it. Click here to to learn more.

The second seminar will be co-taught with Mr. Kim Basham, Ph.D., P.E., FACI of KB Engineering in Cheyenne, Wyoming (http://www.kbengllc.com). This seminar is titled “Combining Engineering and Laboratory Methods to Troubleshoot Problems with Slabs”. This seminar will look at surface imperfections and problems in slabs, that range from early or late age cracking, crazing, dusting, delaminations, mortar flaking and scaling, popouts, blisters, discolorations and moisture related problems. This is a new seminar that we are really excited to debut this year. We’ll explain different mechanisms that cause problems and explain how engineers and petrographers can work to understand the cause(s) of problems and develop sound solutions to remediate them. Click here to learn more.